WASHINGTON — A federal court on Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit by the nation’s largest coal companies and 14 coal-producing states that sought to block one of President Obama’s signature climate chang

GENEVA — United Nations member states agreed Monday to a plan to tackle resistance to antibiotic drugs, spurred by warnings of a catastrophe for public health and heavy economic losses if they did

BUCHAREST, Romania — Romania's president says a new law allowing the logging of small woods could lead to "uncontrolled deforestation" in the country, posing a national security threat.

Duke Energy, the nation’s largest utility corporation, pleaded guilty on Thursday to criminal violations of the federal Clean Water Act for the discharge of coal ash, a potentially toxic waste prod

WASHINGTON — Denis Sassou-Nguesso, president of the Republic of Congo, smiled broadly as he set fire to more than five tons of illegally hunted elephant tusks this week in Brazzaville, the nation’s

Two years ago, when Thomas Talhelm was a Fulbright scholar in Beijing, he built his own air purifier after growing concerned about the city’s notorious pollution.

BEIJING — The Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection has issued an order preventing dam-building on a stretch of the upper Yangtze River, which will result in the scrapping of a proposed hydr

Two new Ebola vaccines have passed an important test, protecting monkeys against the strain of the virus responsible for the current deadly outbreak, researchers reported on Wednesday.

PARIS — An influential European scientific body said on Wednesday that a group of pesticides believed to contribute to mass deaths of honeybees is probably more damaging to ecosystems than previous

Environmental groups and some New Jersey lawmakers issued new criticism on Tuesday of the state’s proposed $225 million pollution settlement with Exxon Mobil Corporation, one day after the state ma