A new report released by the NGOs Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and Forest Trends (FT) consists of case studies on how companies are working with the governments of Brazil and Indonesia, which together accounted for nearly 40 percent of total tropical deforestation in 2014, to achieve their shared goals around forests and the climate.

Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) explores how jurisdictions in Indonesia, focusing on Kalimantan provinces, could become Zero Deforestation Zones (ZDZs).

The World Bank and other international public financial institutions are continuing a 15-year trend of supporting coal-fired power plant construction throughout the developing

This report showcases the new generation of innovative public transit already operating in a variety of communities across America. Through 11 case studies, demonstrate how cutting edge
transit has been implemented quickly and cost-effectively in a variety of settings from urban to rural. Expanding cost-effective transit options is key to nation

The United States is developing national climate legislation. While the nation debates and assembles a comprehensive policy, federal agencies are issuing important policies ? from clean energy codes to air pollution standards ? that affect greenhouse gas emissions today. For these policies, the final choice