German researchers are creating plants that can withstand climate changes. Usually plants use 'heat-shock factors' to make denatured proteins resume their shape. By modifying these

A new aggressive strain ofpotato blight has started spreading in Europe and threatens crops across the world

American scientists have found a way to give pollen grains an electrostatic charge to improve pollination. The charge attracts the pollen to plants, they say. The pollen is stored in a tank and

Biologists in Australia and Japan have genetically engineered tobacco plants so that they destroy their own seeds. They say the same technique should work in citrus crops. Anna Koltunow of the

Production of organic tea in Darjeeling is increasing as consumers in the West refuse to import tea with pesticide residues

An eco friendly plant, the Senna can be used to regenerate wastelands with less water and without pesticides

Cultivation costs and net profit from the sale of Senna leaves on 100 hectres

Organic tea cultivation is fast emerging as an alternate source of income for small and marginal farmers in the Darjeeling hills. The founder of the locally based Specialised Agri

Agracetus, a company in Middle

Flyash, produced in millions of tonnes as a waste by thermal power plants can serve as an excellent soil conditioner, studies at the Central Research Institute, Dhanbad, Bihar, show. The studies