Grapes grown in Israel s saline region are more aromatic

Integrated pest management treatments come to the rescue of cotton farmers

By developing transgenic cotton seeds, Indian scientists enter Monsanto s domain

Rubber plantations in India's northeastern states are now under attack from various diseases such as oidium secondary leaf fall (SLF). The rubber plantation in the region was undertaken by the

A seeder, which can simultaneous sow and provide manure to the crops, has been developed. The machine, put together by the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, has two ground wheels, two skids

The University of Agricultural Sciences in Dharwad, Karnataka, has developed two chilli varieties, GPC-82 and KDC-1. The GPC-82 is tolerant to thrips and mites and can yield 15 tonnes of green

Even though farmers all over the world fear that grain yields are plateauing, Yuan Longping, the director of the National Hybrid Rice Research and Development Centre in Hunan Province, China says

A gene that controls drought

The primary industries ministry

Smart trees will produce more wood. Faster