Genetically engineered crops would bloom and produce pesticides for self defence only

A new genetic technology patented in the US that prevents germination of seeds saved from harvest, may pose serious problems for farmers. The new "Terminator' technology is potentially "lethal' and a

A mechanical harvester with nylon arms is being tested by the US-based orange growers. The machine gently shakes ripe fruit off the tree. The growers are using the technique originally developed for

At a time when agricultural topsoil continues to be eroded, researchers make efforts to put an end to the crisis

A self-propelled paddy transplanter has been developed by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), New Delhi. The machine uses mat-type seedlings for transplanting eight rows at a time.

Scientists at Oxford University, UK, have found a way to increase the starch content of potato, maize and rice. Starch is the single largest

Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited, Chennai, has launched a high yielding rice variety, called

No longer a dream, seedless apples are ready to invade the US markets

Seed varieties resistant to ozone would help enhance crop yields in areas which are exposed to high ozone levels

A method has been developed to produce brinjal, tomato and capsicum from one plant