Drip irrigation was first used in Israel for agriculture

Environmentally-sound farming techniques can be up to 40 per cent more profitable than currently popular methods. Integrated farm management (IFM), a new system, allows insecticides to be sprayed

A new grafting technique for ziziphus (known as her} has been introduced by the Mithawan Watershed Management Project in Pakistan. Ziziphus is abundantly found in south Asia. Its products include

Scientists at the United States department of agriculture are conducting studies on the biology and the ecology of mushrooms to provide a better understanding to manage resources efficiently.

Mycorrhizal fungi can improve the quality and longevity of plants

A simple technology is now available for separating grains from chaffs

It is difficult to predict the behaviour of genetically engineered crops to resist viruses

Genetically engineered potatoes and tobacco plants would now save themselves from four major fungal diseases. Matteo Lorito of the Federico II University of Naples and his colleagues have equipped

Farmers in Haryana have found a novel way to prevent rapid decline of natural forests in India. This method would also help support nearly 500 wood-based industries. They have demonstrated commercial

The growth of plants could be seriously changed if they are exposed to high levels of carbon dioxide