It is well known that farmers of Orissa are not the ‘privileged ones’. What is not known, albeit, is the fact that their plight is all set to worsen, that too drastically. A recent study by researchers from the Orissa University of Agriculture Technology

Agro tech to be evaluated

Five high-yielding varieties (HYVs) of mango have been developed by the Horticulture Centre under the Agriculture Extension Directorate at Kewatkhali in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. The varieties are

Use of farmyard manure has resul

Employing ducks in the paddy field heralds an era of prosperity for farmers in Japan, and in time worldwide

Like humans, plants, too, have a penchant for sugar

An Indian research institute is in the process of developing a banana variety with a longer shelf life

A pod protecting seeds may be all it takes to make deserts green

Researchers associated with Pioneer Hi-Bred International, a large seed company based in the US that is looking for ways to modify genes in its products, have announced details of a genetic method to

US researchers have pointed out that it may be possible to have plants in which disease-causing fungi could be fooled into committing suicide. This could be achieved either by spraying plants with