The distribution of microorganisms, and especially pathogens, over airborne particles of different sizes has been ignored to a large extent, but it could have significant implications regarding the dispersion of these microorganisms across the planet, thus affecting human health. March 2008

Air quality in Europe has declined in recent years, according to a report from the European Topic Centre on Air and Climate Change (ETC/ACC), which also cautions that the short time period involved makes it difficult to draw reliable conclusions. March 2008

Crop residue burning results in the emission of many a toxic pollutants. These emissions can travel long distances affecting thereby the entire region. Due to these emissions the air quality of the region worsens, which results in nose and throat itching and burning, and irritation of the airway tract.

There's good news and bad news when it comes to air quality in Israel. On the one hand, Israel's annual monitoring report for 2006 reveals improvements in air pollution, especially when it comes to pollution from transportation sources in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

After power equipment, engineering major Thermax is strengthening its presence in the water treatment business. "If power is the theme today, we believe the next big story would be water,' said Managing Director and Chief Executive M S Unnikrishnan, in a post-press meet chat with Business Standard. The water infrastructure in SEZs and new cities could come through public-private partnership.

Ariyalur, the land of fossils, is found to be embedded with rich limestone deposits. Hence around 9 cement factories have been established in and around Ariyalur. This becomes one of the source of air pollution in this area.

workers in warehouses are regularly exposed to respiratory diseases and allergies. Usually, grain warehouses have high concentrations of airborne grain dust which contains very harmful pesticides,

Monitoring of ambient air quality and noise pollution was conducted at 'Asselmetta junction' in Visakhapatnam city (Andhra Pradesh), which is heart of the city with an important traffic junction and a well known business center. In this area, monitoring was done for 10 days over RSPM, TSPM, NOx and SO2 levels in the air using 'noiseless repirable dust sampler' and for 4 days over noise pollution levels using 'sound level meter'.

Smog that has engulfed Japan's cities and rural areas for the first time in 30 years has alarmed the government prompting it to issue warnings to 28 prefectures in the country. Experts blame

MPBC is the government agency that is striving to give us a pollution free environment.