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In 1968, when the photographer Don Honeyman was experimenting with Alberto Korda

N P Jayan says he feels inspired by the Silent Valley in Kerala. A photojournalist for many years, Jayan embarked upon documenting the flora and fauna of this rain forest in late 2006. It was a year

A 10 second clip of a woman singing a French folk song, thought to be the oldest recorded human voice, has been played for the first time in 150 years. The recording of "Au Clair de la Lune'

The Jharkhand police is going hi-tech. It will install video cameras for surveillance in the Parasnath Hills, where an operation, carried out in coordination with the Central Reserve Police Force,

Polaroid, the company behind the instant camera, is to stop making the film used in its iconic technology. The firm will close its factories in Massachusetts in the us, Mexico and the Netherlands.

Mamata Sardar Kolkata Karina Krisch Hamburg An exhibition of photographs clicked by children in Kolkata, Freiburg and Hamburg shows how children relate to

Photographs supposedly showing a South China tiger in the wild have sparked a controversy. Chinese wildlife experts, officials, Internet users and media organizations have been drawn into a row over

One of the natural resources from the treasure house of plant kingdom is the Neem tree. The tree is virtually a gift of nature to mankind because of its multiple properties that have high utility value both at domestic and farm level beside its products being eco-friendly and bio-degradable. Gandhi and Patel (1997) conducted a survey in Andhra Pradesh, Punjab and Gujarat regarding the farmer's awareness about the impact of pesticides and reported it to be limited to the immediate surroundings.