CSE in collaboration with TVE Asia Pacific (TVEAP) organised a three day South Asian workshop on "New Media for Strategic Communication in Development” from from 5 to 7 June 2013, at Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday night held consultations with water resources minister PK Bansal on the Mullaperiyar dam – an old dispute between Kerala and Tamil Nadu, which has been re

Due to its diverse, wondrous plants and unique topography, Western China has drawn great attention from explorers and naturalists from the Western World. Among them, Ernest Henry Wilson (1876 –1930), known as ‘Chinese’ Wilson, travelled to Western China five times from 1899 to 1918. He took more than 1,000 photos during his travels. These valuable photos illustrated the natural and social environment of Western China a century ago. Since 1997, we had collected E.H. Wilson's old pictures, and then since 2004, along the expedition route of E.H.

In a startling comparison between the state of glaciers in the Himalayan ranges in the last 50 years, glaciologists say nearly 65 per cent glaciers are melting due to global warming.

A crack in the western part of the red mud pond of Vedanta Alumina refinery has leaked into nearby water bodies and hence into the Vamsadhara river.

Rikin Gandhi has great faith in the power of good story telling.

You have no doubt read about the scams and scandals associated with the infamous iron ore mines of Bellary district

MALE, January 29 (HNS) – An Indian NGO, Terry Policy, and the Maldives Housing and Environment Ministry kicked off a film festival on Thursday, aimed at creating awareness about environmental issue

Unique solution Obaid Jan with friends in his barsati, reminiscing about home

Elixir of life The plastic water pots that mark the city