The government would be launching 'Health TV' in 2010 costing Rs 20 million in a bid to inculcate awareness among the masses on health issues including prevention and cure of major life threatening diseases.

In June, a group of Azeri bloggers posted a video in which a donkey holds a news conference before a circle of gravely nodding journalists. The video was a sly send-up of the government, which had been accused in the local media of paying exorbitantly to import donkeys. Two of the group that created the video, Adnan Hajizada and Emin Milli, 30, were arrested in the last week of July in

Blood flow, respiration and heartbeat mimic the rhythm of the music THE Indian film industry spends crores of rupees to make a musical. It has always believed that music can make the heart dance to its beats. These days doctors are taking this approach seriously. Take Rajesh Parthsarthy, for example. He is a general practitioner. He is learning Hindustani classical music because he

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Silent Valley is home to many rare species like the Lion-tailed Macaque and Ceylon Frogmouth. Being untouched by man, it also contained many unaltered gene pools kep intact since time immemorial. The Government of Kerala, in a moment of recklessness, decided to destroy these pristine forests by building a hydro-electric project to generate a fefw megawatts of power.

The mayor of a Brazilian town has provoked complaints after he installed cameras in a health centre to monitor the quality of service to the public. The cameras send images and sound from the reception and a pharmacy directly to the offices of the mayor of Foz do Iguacu and other senior officials. Mayor Paulo MacDonald said the move was to improve efficiency, and has suggested the

Techniques to improve the nutritional content and processing of crops are better spread using video, suggests a programme in Benin.

Cheek-by-jowl with swanky offices and multiplexes, exists an economy that lives by the tree. SALIL CHATURVEDI zooms in on Delhi


Recyclers at a landfill in east Delhi get candid with Lavanya Ramaiah on what it takes to be a true professional. The photographs are from a recent exhibition by Enrico Fabian /* All Styles Optional */ * { font-family