Nanoparticles, as tiny as a billionth of a metre, pose a challenge to scientists and regulatory authorities alike. It may also be a huge health problem, says CHANDRACHUR GHOSE

The alternative energy industry is stepping on the gas. Top automakers have joined hands to deve-lop fuel cell technology for cars, enabling them to cover similar distances as gasoline-run cars. The

Automotive manufacturers to put their heads together to survive EU recycling directive

The first Formula 1 cars to be fitted with a controversial energy recovery system are due to race in this season's opening Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australia, on Sunday. But questions over the safety of the system remain unresolved in the run-up to the race.

The dream of climate-friendly, petroleum-free motoring is creeping closer - thanks to a clutch of breakthroughs in nanotechnology. Several recently reported lab findings promise to vastly improve the safety and performance of the high-capacity batteries that electric cars will need, at last making them a viable alternative to today's petroleum-powered vehicles. Feb 27, 2008

The weeklong Auto Expo, which concluded in Delhi on January 17, showed contrasting trends

Anumita Roychowdhury's story on fuel efficiency (