The Obama administration on Tuesday proposed rules to limit emissions of climate-changing gases from the manufacture of ethanol, a step that would probably curtail the expansion of corn ethanol production.

President Barack Obama will direct the heads of three US agencies to make the biofuels industry cleaner and encourage output of ethanol made from non-food crops, according to a draft memo obtained by Reuters on Monday.

The tribes of Northeast India have been using jatropha seeds to light their huts at night. It contains 35 per cent fuel and is not edible. Best of all, it thrives in degraded land. And Dl-Williamson Magor Bio Fuel, a joint venture between tea major Williamson Magor and UK-based Dl-bp Fuel Crops, has been providing seeds for contract farming in eastern and north-eastern India.

Commercial production unlikely in next two years.

The Centre sees potential to cultivate jatropha in 13 million hectares with further cultivation possible in another four million hectares

M.R. Subramani

Russian companies, frustrated by slow legal reforms, have abandoned costly projects to produce bioethanol from grain and are instead trying to make the environmentally friendly fuel component from other sources.

Mangalore, DH News Service:
Though several companies grow jatropa on large scale, farmers are still sceptical over its market. There is a need to remove the suspicion among them.

The MNRE had sanctioned the Saradi test project in January 2006. The project has been implemented by UBB (Uttarakhand Biofuel Board), Dehradun and coordinated and monitored by UREDA (Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Development Agency), Dehradun.

The past few months have seen unprecedented turmoil in worldwide financial markets. With the global economy in a recession and the decreased price of oil, many may be wondering what the future holds for biofuels.

When biofuels emerged on the global scene, they were regarded as the final answer to our dependence on fossil fuels and our climate change concerns. But over the last couple of years, biofuels have uncovered another face

Corn-for-fuel is killing friendly insects EXPANSION of corn acreage in four US states