The Asian Waterbird Census (AWC), conducted each year in January, is a waterbird and wetland-monitoring programme initiated in 1987 within the framework of the International Waterbird Census. This report summarises the results of the AWC from 1987 to 2007, comprising counts at 6,705 sites in 27 countries.

After 12 days of talks among delegates from 182 countries at the UN Climate Conference in Bonn which ended on June 12, the world seemed no closer to staving off the threat of global warming and its catastrophic consequences.

Climate negotiations can succeed only if developed countries stop weaseling out of their historical culpability
Nitin Desai / New Delhi June 18, 2009, 0:28 IST

The climate change talks made no progress at Bonn
Business Standard / New Delhi June 16, 2009, 0:20 IST

Temperatures are set to rise as negotiators gather to prepare for the crucial December Copenhagen climate agreement that will replace the Kyoto Protocol.

The United Nations took a step towards a new climate treaty on Friday by publishing the first draft negotiating texts to help bridge a "great gulf" between options for rich nations to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Russia's greenhouse gas emissions rose by a tiny 0.3 percent in 2007 to the highest in more than a decade, sharply lagging an oil-backed surge in economic growth, official data showed.

Russia's greenhouse gas emissions rose by a tiny 0.3 percent in 2007 to the highest since 1990s economic downturn caused by the break-up of the Soviet Union, according to data submitted to the United Nations.

There are positive signs a climate summit in December will forge a broader pact between rich and poorer nations to fight global warming, a top Australian official and an influential Chinese expert said on Wednesday.

Bangladesh, regarded as one of the countries extremely exposed to climatic threats, has made its leadership visible in the global climate change negotiating process highlighting its 'right to survival as a human being', in recently concluded climate change talks in Bonn.