The world is striving for a new U.N. climate "treaty" in December to succeed Kyoto. Or perhaps it will be a vaguer "agreement," "deal" or "decision."

The United Nation's ninth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (cop 9) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (cbd) was recently held in Bonn, Germany. Amidst contentions relating to bio-fuels and abs (Access and Benefit Sharing), Meena Gupta, secretary, ministry for environment and forests, finds time to give an update on India's position on these issues to Yashvendra Singh

US presidential candidates, predictably enough, harp on developing country participation but avoid mention of either per capita emissions or historical responsibility

A report presented at CoP 5 calls on the EU to stop waiting for the US and take leadership of the climate process

The Kyoto agenda shuffled along at the recent climate change meeting in Bonn, but climate change mitigation was still not in sight

14 May 2012

As all countries take actions to reduce emissions the unresolved question is to what extent fairness will be the basis for international cooperation