The prices of petrol and diesel will increase by Rs 0.50 and Rs 0.26 a litre, respectively, from April 1 in 13 big cities that switch to cleaner Euro-IV grade fuel.

Petrol and diesel prices in 13 major cities are set to go up, with the petroleum ministry considering a higher price for Euro-IV complaint fuels. This, in effect, would mean, a second price hike for consumers in less than two months.

This study examined the future of personal transportation in megacities of the world. Of particular interest was the future role of personal vehicles.

After a recent order by the Union Government forbade displaying animals in circuses, elephants at the Calcutta Zoo as well as at the 15-odd circuses that visit the city have been asked to migrate. The Government says that the enclosures are too small for the big animals. "We have been playing to full galleries for decades," says a manager of a circus.

The break even cost of treated water from a water treatment plant depends on the capital cost and the operation cost through out its life span. The main capital investments in Garden Reach water works occured in two phases. The operation of first phase was started on 1982 and second phase from 2000.

This report focuses on the links between urbanisation and environmental sustainability, looks at historical development of Indian cities and at the future of urbanization. Models the implications of different urban development trajectories, especially with regards to energy use and presents recommendations for sustainable urbanization in India

User charges and better delivery needed

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Kolkata is one place where domestic water supply isn

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A large number of cities across the world, including the eastern Indian metropolis of Kolkata, are at risk from the threat of rising sea level due to global warming, a major international study has claimed.