Shivansh Chandak spends his weekend mornings removing trash from the neighbourhood greens. He is not a ragpicker but a five-year-old student of La Martiniere for Boys. For company he has his 10-year-old brother Devansh. Both are part of a group of children in south Kolkata who have taken up a task which ideally should have been tackled by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC).

This Indo-American study of infertility patterns in the Kolkata over two decades reveals link between male infertility and vehicle pollution. This first-of-its-kind study in the subcontinent has been accepted for publication in the research journal Fertility and Sterility.

Urban transport is an important component of the urban infrastructure system. A good urban transport system will increase productivity, enhance efficiency, ensure competition,
and promote urban economy. It will also facilitate social
interactions, provide people with accessibility to opportunities,
safeguard environment, set directions and pattern of land use

India's first integrated solar housing project is complete. This is a milestone and trendsetter in present times as it revolves around a concern for extending the life span of natural resources while at the same time providing human comfort, safety and productivity

West Bengal's Left Front government is sitting on a powder keg even as Mamata Banerjee walks around with a lighted match. In a year in which the Lok Sabha elections are due and a hobbling economy has spread widespread anxiety in the cities, the quasi-ban on Kolkata's polluting auto rickshaws is like the last straw for the state government.

The Calcutta High Court will now monitor implementation of phasing out two-stroke autorickshaws in the city. It has asked the state government to submit action taken reports every 15 days to the court.

Several cities in India including Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, have begun to take steps to implement fiscal measures to address the problem of air pollution and congestion. The key focus of the fiscal measures are clean fuels and technologies including CNG, LPG and zero emissions technologies;

Two-stroke autos ply in Kolkata despite court ban A COURT directive to stop polluting two stroke autorickshaws from plying on Kolkata roads has been rendered ineffective by the state government. The Calcutta High Court order dated July 18, 2008, to ban two-stroke autos by December 2008 was based on a notification issued by the state environment department. The state government however

This report was designed to analyze the traffic safety situation in India, and to identify countermeasures for areas in which the total harm caused by crashes can be substantially and readily reduced. The report focuses on two aspects of traffic safety in India: challenges and opportunities.

: Even as commuters had a harrowing time today as most of the auto-rickshaws stayed off roads in the city and its outskirts protesting against the state government's decison to phase out petrol or diesel run two-stroke autos by 31 December, two rival auto unions were involved in a scuffle at Manicktola crossing this afternoon.