Queues in front of roadside taps are common in south Calcutta as water treated at plants in Palta and Garden Reach does not reach many localities. The municipal authorities will only say that a few projects are in the pipeline.

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KOLKATA: Authorities at the city

Public transport systems in cities in India are largely bus-based and operated by public agencies. The performance of these organisations on the financial front has been rather wanting. Several reasons

Kolkata boasts of India

The proposal by the West Bengal government to permit multi-storeyed buildings on

Tata threatens to make the world

Growing number of vehicular trips by cars and two wheelers which result in traffic congestion, air pollution and traffic accidents has become a major concern in urban areas. Investments in high
capacity rail based mass transit systems are being promoted to arrest this trend. In the last two decades Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi have invested in MRTS/LRT systems. This paper analyses the

Vaccine from Vietnam found effective in a trial in Kolkata A new reformulated oral cholera vaccine (ocv), earlier tested and found effective in Vietnam, was found to be safe in a cholera endemic region in Kolkata.

Several cities in India including Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, have begun to take steps to implement fiscal measures to address the problem of air pollution and congestion. Though still very nascent, this is a unique and a very important step forward to use market based instrument to influence consumer behaviour and stimulate investments in pollution control efforts and clean technologies. Fiscal measures can help to cushion the cost of transformation, -- improve fuels and technologies and influence people to choose more sustainable travel options like public transport.