Vehicles more than 15 years old and two-stroke auto rickshaws continue to ply on Kolkata streets. This is despite the high court setting August 1 as the deadline to get such vehicles off the Kolkata Metropolitan Area and the Supreme Court upholding the high court order (see

Kolkata residents can breathe easy: The Supreme Court refused to stay an order banning 15-year-old commercial vehicles from Kolkata roads. Calcutta High Court had directed the old vehicles should be phased out by July 31 saying citizens have the right to breathe pollution-free air. The Bengal Bus Syndicate had approached the Supreme Court seeking extension of the July 31 deadline. The West

KOLKATA: The city police are seeking assistance of Interpol to track down those responsible for the theft of eight exotic Brazilian marmoset monkeys from Alipore Zoo here on August 9.

It is suspected that the monkeys might have been smuggled out of the country or stolen by those having links with international rackets involved in such activity.

Raktima Bose

KOLKATA: Angry transport operators attacked government-run buses and held protest rallies in the city on Saturday as the West Bengal government commenced its drive to phase out transport vehicles older than 15 years, in accordance with a Calcutta High Court order.

Urbanisation in India is both a necessary input and an inevitable consequence of growth. However, we must accept that the existing urbanisation models are unsustainable at the Indian scale and there is no available alternative trajectory.

With the Supreme Court refusing to stay a Calcutta High Court order banning commercial vehicles over 15 years old from Kolkata, transport operators Friday decided to keep all such vehicles off the roads from Saturday.


Modern High School has decided to toe the green line drawn by Calcutta High Court and take five old buses off the road from August 1.

Will Kolkata succeed in phasing out two-stroke autos by July end? two-stroke and non-lpg (liquefied petroleum gas) four-stroke autorickshaw will not be allowed to ply in Kolkata from August 1, the Calcutta High Court has ordered. The city has around 38,000 registered two-stroke autorickshaws running on petrol; 30,000 of them are illegal. With six weeks left for the deadline, 20,000

Basic water supply is crucial to effectively address the challenges of both urban and rural development. Municipal authorities/state governments in developing nations are especially hard pressed to design, develop and finance the basic urban services such as safe and reliable water supply.

Large numbers of households in cities around the developing world do not have access to one of the most basic of human needs