Cheryl Konrad has spent the last 35 years educating visitors to her Lahaina, Hawaii, store about the centuries-old history of scrimshaw.

The long-overdue earthquake set to hit southern California could be far worse than expected, a new study suggests.

California's senate on Thursday approved a raft of anti-smoking legislation raising the minimum age for buying cigarettes and other tobacco products from 18 to 21 and regulating e-cigarettes.

An executive with a Beverly Hills gallery and auction house has pleaded guilty of conspiring to smuggling at least $1 million in animal products that included rhino horn and elephant ivory, federal

Chronic nitrogen deposition has measureable impacts on soil and plant health. We investigate burning emissions from biomass grown in areas of high and low NO x deposition. Gas and aerosol-phase emissions were measured as a function of photochemical aging in an environmental chamber at UC-Riverside. Though aerosol chemical speciation was not available, results indicate a systemic compositional difference between biomass grown in high and low deposition areas.

Solar-powered trackers on wings have recorded California condors soaring to 15,000 feet, while locators attached to humpback whales have revealed 1,000-foot dives to underwater mountains.

A magnitude 4.9 quake struck northwest of Bakersfield, California, on Tuesday, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

Since the 1940s, southern California has had a reputation for smog.

The California Air Resources Board and Environmental Protection Agency said late on Tuesday that Volkswagen AG submitted a plan to fix 80,000 recalled 3.0 liter diesel SUVs and cars that emit up to

Monsanto Co stepped up its defense of a widely used weed killer on Thursday by filing a lawsuit in California seeking to prevent glyphosate, the main ingredient in its Roundup herbicide, from being