California's Lake Tahoe is getting warmer by about 15 times its historic average because of global climate change, according to scientists. This could alter the lake's ecology.

Firefighters struggled on Thursday to get the upper hand on a huge wildfire along northern California’s picturesque Big Sur coastline, where anxious residents awaited word on their homes and popula

A virtual Noah's Ark of wild beasts and livestock has been relocated to save them from a massive wildfire burning north of Los Angeles in a region that is home to exotic animal sanctuaries and hors

When a massive wildfire destroyed more than a thousand homes last year in the bone-dry hills of drought-stricken Lake County, California, about two hours north of San Francisco, Magdalena Valderram

Mass tree die-offs are sparking worries of fire in California’s Sierra Nevada range.

Regulators with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection approved a timber harvest plan earlier this month that includes the logging of redwood trees that are a century

Details how emission control defect reporting programs are used to improve compliance with passenger vehicle emission standards. An emission control defect reporting program is used in California to improve compliance with passenger vehicle emission standards.

SAN JOSE, Calif.

It’s hard to get people to change their habits, even when doing so could have lasting benefits for the environment.

Little is known about the influence of environmental factors on the etiology of childhood brain tumors. Researchers examined risks for brain tumors in children after prenatal and infant exposure to monitored ambient air toxics.

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