Air quality regulators, meeting for the third time this month to address a huge natural gas leak that has forced thousands of Los Angeles residents from their homes, delayed action again on Wednesd

Researchers reconstruct the evolution of ocean acidification in the California Current System (CalCS) from 1979 through 2012 using hindcast simulations with an eddy-resolving ocean biogeochemical model forced with observation-based variations of wind and fluxes of heat and freshwater. Researchers find that domain-wide pH and ${{\rm{\Omega }}}_{\mathrm{arag}}$ in the top 60 m of the water column decreased significantly over these three decades by about −0.02 decade−1 and −0.12 decade−1, respectively.

Peridomestic (“backyard”) chicken flocks are gaining popularity in the developed world (e.g., North America or Europe), yet little is known regarding prevalence or severity of their ectoparasites. Therefore, five birds on each of 20 properties throughout southern California were surveyed in summer for on-host (permanent) and off-host dwelling (temporary) ectoparasites. Only four premises (20%) were entirely free of ectoparasites.

An El Niño-strengthened storm brought widespread rain to drought-stricken California on Tuesday, triggering flooding that clogged roadways, and authorities warned residents about possible mud slide

California’s forests have already lost millions of trees in recent years due to rising temperatures, the drought and a plague of bark beetle infestations.

The warming of the Pacific Ocean caused by the El Niño climate event is “causing havoc” among marine animals off California’s coast, with unprecedented numbers of dead or starving seals being washe

California's forests are home to the planet's oldest, tallest and most-massive trees.

A combination of laser-imaging technology and satellite data has shed new light on the devastating impacts of California’s ongoing drought.

Organophosphorous (OP) pesticides are associated with reduced fetal growth in animals, but human studies are inconsistent. Researchers pooled data from four cohorts to examine associations of prenatal OP exposure with birth weight (n=1,169), length (n=1,152), and head circumference (n=1,143).

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The California Supreme Court ruled Thursday that public agencies reviewing a development proposal generally do not have to consider the effects of environmental conditions on future occupants unles