Citing an expert committee report on fuels, the State government recently told the Gujarat High Court that CNG would prove to be more harmful to the environment than diesel ‘as CNG engines emit mor

Data published by the town hall here on Tuesday shows the Spanish capital registered levels of pollution above those fixed by the World Health Organization (WHO) for "all primary contaminants" exce

The injection timing variation has a robust effect on emission formation in direct combustion diesel engine with thermal barrier coating. The piston head and cylinder were coated with Zirconium at 40 micron thickness. Low Heat Rejection (LHR) engine has high heat with standing capacity inside the combustion chamber, so the in-cylinder temperature is very high in part load and full load condition, which leads to increase the NOX emission.

MUMBAI: Better winds speeds brought some respite to Mumbaikars as the pollution levels went from the 'poor' to 'moderate' category on Tuesday.

Carbon emissions rise since 1990.

The Centre will make necessary changes in existing law to enable use of online data as legal evidence against polluting industries if such units violate permissible emission\effluent limits.

In what the government is pushing as a “revolution” in curbing pollution, electronic sensors will be installed in 80 per cent of polluting industries by March 31, by which the government hopes to m

While particulate matter, perhaps the most hazardous, has risen, other pollutants have fallen in the last five years

MEXICO CITY – Mexico’s Profepa environmental protection agency on Monday fined German automaker Volkswagen’s local unit just over 168 million pesos (around $9 million) for selling 2016 model vehicl

Babies born to mothers exposed to air pollution from traffic sources during pregnancy have an increased risk of developing asthma before the age of five, finds a new study.