New Delhi: After the early 2000s, when Delhi’s air became dramatically clean after the introduction of CNG in public transport, it has once again turned into a deadly cocktail of various pollutants

The inauguration of Bangalore Metro last month was a milestone for the urban transportation sector.

in conservation of environment as well as leads to sturdier roads, is catching up in the northern region after a successful initiative by the Himachal Pradesh government.

Ready By 2016, Final Phase To Save Fuel, Cut Travel Time, Reduce Pollution

Jaipur: The Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board (RSPCB) is now tightening the reins on mine owners to safeguard the environment and promote scientific disposal of mining waste. The board will now allow the establishment of marble sawing units only on the precondition that mine owners will effectively reuse marble slurry within a year of getting licence. This step has been taken as marble dust and slurry are hazardous for the environment.

Experts at a conference here on Monday stressed the need to relook and undertake more research on the existing Bus Rapid Transit Systems (BRTS) in the country before more such corridors are implemented in other cities to have safer road systems.

In a move that could put a spanner in the Government

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Chennai: Recycling waste from tanneries, Chennai-based Central Leather Research Institute (CLRI) and Delhi

CAG report castigates govt for procuring low-floor buses at unjustified high rate and adding to cost by installing unnecessary features

Delhi government

With roads choked, travelling in the capital has turned into a nightmare. Experts believe it