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The impacts of climate change are likely to affect population distribution and mobility. While alarmist predictions of massive flows of refugees are not supported by past experiences of responses to droughts and extreme weather events, predictions for future migration flows are tentative at best.

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the mean temperature of the atmosphere will continue to rise by up to several degrees centigrade by the end of the century. The implications for humankind and the environment will be dramatic.

A "destructive" flood in Bangladesh could result in an influx of refugees streaming into India, triggering religious conflict, spread of contagious diseases and vast damage to infrastructure, an exercise conducted by a Premier US defence university has forecast.

New York: Environmental changes will pose profound strategic challenges to Washington in the coming decades, said a study by the Pentagon and intelligence agencies on the effect of global climate change and its impact on US military.

The assertions regarding the impact of sea-level rise in India and Bangladesh (

Sujatha Byravan and Sudhir Chella Rajan

Sea levels rising between 3mm and 5mm a year; tidal surges will intensify say scientists a steady stream of people can be seen making their way to the main jetty in Chotomollakhali island in the Sunderbans these days. On an average, about 200 of them leave for the mainland each day with their belongings and livestock. The migration has increased threefold since Aila struck on May

GANGTOK, July 12: Apparently concerned with the adverse impact of global warming and climate change in Sikkim, the State Government has given additional mandate of climate change issues to the Science and Technology Department, an official release said today.

President Zillur Rahman on Thursday called upon all to join the ongoing plantation programme to make the country more greenery for facing the adverse affects of climate change.

"We all would have to be more sincere in preserving and developing plants for the greater interest of the nation," he said while inaugurating the tree plantation programme-2009 at Bangabhaban in the city.