As sea levels climb and extreme weather events intensify, climate change will not only impact global ecology, but will also pose a threat national security, according to a report released by the US

Lord Stern, one of the world’s most influential voices on climate economics, does not mince his words when it comes to criticising those who take a narrow view of prosperity and highlighting the de

The accelerating rate of climate change poses a severe risk to national security and acts as a catalyst for global political conflict, a report published Tuesday by a leading government-funded mili

New Zealand’s court of appeal has refused refugee status to a family from Kiribati, a Pacific island which is quickly sinking beneath the sea

Climate experts at a national dialogue in Dhaka on Sunday stressed countrywide survey for assessing the number of people who are being displaced because of environmental and climatic disorders incl

Climate refugees, after losing everything, are increasingly migrating to capital Dhaka and usually taking shelter in large urban slums or other urban poverty pockets which lack basic services.

Environmental and weather-related disasters caused by climate change would displace more than 95.72 million people in Bangladesh by 2040, warned a study giving an alarming scenario of climate-induc

Climate and water expert Pavel Kabat — director and CEO of the International Institute for Applied System Analysis in Austria — calls for a long-term system approach to water research, new partnerships with the developing world and a change in donor practices, to tackle water-climate issues. He talks to Nature Climate Change.

As many as 20 million people of the country would be displaced if sea level rises to 1.5 metres owing to climate change.

Climate change is projected to cause substantial increases in population movement in coming decades. Previous research has considered the likely causal influences and magnitude of such movements and the risks to national and international security. There has been little research on the consequences of climate-related migration and the health of people who move.