The eriophyid mite has a field day, while officials sleep tight. The pest attack was first reported in 2000, when a farmer from the Puri district became quizzical about a white powder sprinkled around his trees

Toddy tappers in Kerala fought off social stigma and repression only to fight new demons like the government's excise policy

A farmer in Thailand has made a fuel from coconut oil. Yuthachai, claims that the fuel is a good alternative to diesel. At present the fuel is being used by 60 per cent vehicles in the Thap

The widespread attack of the mite Eriphyes guerreronis is threatening coconut plantations in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. However, according to researchers, trees raised with orga

the Kerala government has requested the Centre to provide at least half of the estimated Rs 87 crore needed to fight and control widespread mite attack that is threatening to wipe out coconut

Scientists working at the Central Plantation Crops Research Insti

Coconut shells and ash could soon compete for becoming the new age building materials. A breakthrough by researchers from the Brazil-based Technological Research Insti

THERE seems to be no limit to the harm done on the environment in the name of development., At least one lakh trees - mainly coconut - are proposed to be felled to clear the ground for a proposed

Wed, 2015-06-10 (All day)
Wed, 2015-06-10 (All day)