THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: A four-day international conference on

COIMBATORE: Field staff of the Department of Agriculture and scientists of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) have been asked to be vigilant on the possible invasion by coconut leaf beetle pest.


Natural disasters are a tragic interruption to the development process. Lives are lost, social networks are disrupted and capital investments are destroyed. And when development plans are laid and disaster strikes development funds are diverted to the emergency. Additional aid is directed to relief and reconstruction needs to get the country "back on track" toward economic and social development.

Coconut leaf vermiwash (CLV) was produced from actively vermicomposting coconut leaf litter + cow dung substrate (10 : 1 w/w basis) by Eudrilus sp. It significantly increased the seedling vigour index of cowpea and paddy at 1 : 10 and 1 : 15 dilutions in laboratory trials.

DIMAPUR, April 30: A training cultivation of coconut in foothill areas was held at State Horticulture Nursery (Green Park) on Thursday with Regional Director, Coconut Development Board (Guwahati) Sugata Ghose as chief guest and Dr J C Acharia as the resource person.

News reports say that the government plans to undertake a large exercise to

Coimbatore: The Tamil Nadu Organic Certification Department (TNOCD), led by Director of Organic Certification A. Karmugilan, conducted a surprise inspection of a 15-acre coconut farm at Mettulakshminaikkanpalayam, near Sulur village.

N V Vijayakumar, Sep 10, Bangalore:

With the European Union and American companies thronging India for activated carbon, there is a growing momentum for coconut shell procurement in the coconut burrows of Karnataka.

Coconut shells

A Satish

PALAKKAD: Indiscriminate sand mining has been the bane of the Bharathapuzha.

But, now a new trend has been spreading like cancer in the rural areas of Palakkad. The plummeting prices of coconuts and the lucrative returns from illegal sand mining vis-a-vis tapping of coconut palms have seen farmers cut down coconut palms and indulge in sand mining.

Over 3000 acres of coconut grooves along Birur-Lingadalli road in Kadur taluk have been infested by the black headed caterpillar.