India needs a proper GM regime, if it wants a global say

Bt Cotton: A Painful Episode, Need For Thoughtful Policy

In an apparent setback to the genetically modified (gm) foods industry, Kenya has destroyed its first gm maize crop planted in open field trials. The move followed the detection that a technician

Bottle gourd (Lagenaria siceraria) is a cucurbitaceous vegetable for which India is the secondary center of diversity and endowed with rich variability especially in the fruit characters.

WHO endorses GM crops, overlooks negative reports

The EU's efforts to increase the use of genetically modified (GM) food products in member nations have suffered a big blow. The European Commission (EC), EU's administrative wing, had proposed to

How fields of different GM crops are spaced may be crucial to their survival,

GM Crops

Rice variety to fight vitamin A deficiency

Study links GM crops with ecological imbalance