Rice and wheat are the two most important staple crops, which play a critical role in food security in India. The paper attempts to analyze the changing pattern of foodgrain production system and derive certain policy interventions in view of its relative importance in achieving avowed growth rates envisaged in the XI th five year plan.

An innovative attempt was made to promote the concept of village based seed banks by the International Crops Research Institute for Semi- Arid Tropics (ICRISAT) as an intervention of Andhra Pradesh Rural Livelihood Program (APRLP) in Andhra Pradesh state.

scientists have identified a gene present in hardy varieties of rice that enables the crop to tolerate flooded conditions. The researchers

Monsanto on strong wicket

Europe's leading food safety agency has approved five genetically modified (gm) crops and foods that were banned in certain European Union (eu) countries claiming they posed no threat to human or

Draft rules for GM food are nothing short of treachery by the Union government

Government plans for GM food labelling in India

GM regulators consult NGOs, seed companies on biosafety

Zimbabwe is importing unmilled, genetically modified (gm) maize from Argentina, despite a ban on it. According to Reuters, local traders said that Argentinean ships loaded with yellow maize (a gm

WTO ruling on EU US spat over GM could impact South