Monsanto ups the Bt cotton ante with a feel-good survey

GM maize to treat hepatitis B

australia: Three of the country's eight states recently halted the cultivation of genetically modified (GM) food crops. Another state, Tasmania, had already placed a moratorium on such cultivation in

Judicious mix of Bt and non Bt crops can prevent this

To help the biotech industry

Europe may end its five-year moratorium on new biotech products, with the eu granting approval to the imports of genetically modified (gm) sweetcorn. eu health and consumer protection

In mid-December, residents in the rural community of Coror

October 16, 2003 saw the release in the uk of Farm Scale Evaluations of GM Crops , the largest-ever field trials to be hitherto held. Commissioned by the uk government in 1999, the crops on

Notwithstanding the resounding failure of its Bt cotton, Monsanto has begun to introduce another genetically modified crop into India, its proprietary maize variety called Roundup Ready corn. The government s Review Committee on Genetic Manipulation has g

Embattled Blair may put GM crops on the backburner