Many Dealers Held For Selling Fake Pesticide

Faced with 60 per cent loss to cotton crop in the Malwa region, the Punjab Government has okayed a Rs 600-crore compensation package for the affected farmers.

Vice-Chancellor had earlier blamed farmers for ignoring their advice

The study recorded a 59% increase in corn earworm larvae in areas where bats were not present

About 40 per cent of the standing cotton crop has been affected by the whitefly attack in Fazilka making it one of the worst-hit districts of the state.

Punjab Agriculture Department on Tuesday asked the State’s farmers to use pesticides to control damage to the standing cotton crop that has been hit by whitefly attack.

Two research institutions are conducting research into developing crop varieties with useful biological traits that will not only be high-yielding but also tolerant to pests, diseases and drought.

Farmers who have harnessed the collective power of the humble ant have proved more successful at controlling the pests that ravage their crops than those using chemicals, according to new research.

JORHAT (ASSAM): As climate change is affecting both quality and production of tea, scientists are testing which botanical varieties of the crop are resilient to climatic pressures.

After losses in paddy and wheat, cotton harvest goes for a toss