Cotton crop in the state is under serious threat as the attack of whitefly that hit the crop after the onset of rain has assumed alarming proportions.

Cotton farmers in the district are a worried lot as whiteflies have attacked their crop early this year.

Production of cereals, the main staple and cash crops for millions of farmers in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) is severely constrained by parasitic striga weed Striga hermonthica, stemborers and poor soil fertility.

According to the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report, changes in the climate over the last 30 years have already reduced global agricultural production by 1 – 5 % per decade relative to a baseline without climate change.

Nine days after the first case was reported in Yamunanagar, four more cases of yellow rust have been detected in the district.

One of the most difficult parts of organic farming is, obviously, weed and pest control, as very few pesticides and herbicides are all natural.

Farmers are warning crops are being "decimated" because of an EU ban on a pesticide.

BEIJING - The Chinese central government has earmarked 650 million yuan ($105 million) for the prevention of plant disease and elimination of pests.

Genetically modified corn seeds are no longer protecting Brazilian farmers from voracious tropical bugs, increasing costs as producers turn to pesticides, a farm group said on Monday.

Beetles are obliterating forests throughout Colorado and the U.S.