Vadodara/Anand: A fourmember delegation of senior Kenyan government officials visited Amul Dairy and Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) in Anand on Monday.

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Vadodara/Anand: A French couple on a world tour on bicycles to promote and study dairying across the globe visited Anand on Tuesday.

This latest FAO study assesses the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the global dairy cattle sector and provide estimates of GHG emissions associated with milk production & processing for main regions and farming systems of the world.

RFID Tags Help Improve Production At Dairies

INDIA will allow import of milk and dairy products from China only after its Food Safety and Standards Authority certifies that the products are safe for consumption.

Despite price boil, dairy industry most competitive globally
Growing Interest Of Local & GLobal Cos Likely To Double Sector Size To Rs 5,20,000 Cr By 2011


Small-scale farmers depend largely on their animals and need to feed them well. Technology based innovations have been the mainstream solution to improve the fodder problem. But making farmers find relevant information and networks appears to be as much effective for innovation.

Mitigating global warming while providing sustainable livelihoods.