VADODARA: In a first of its kind, Gujarat

Scientific research on camel milk has established beyond doubt that it is a nutritional food and beneficial for human health, especially for patients suffering from tuberculosis, arthritis and diabetes.

Mumbai: Rising prices of milk and dairy products are a potential pressure point for food inflation, Citigroup said in a recent note.

Government data on wholesale price inflation pegs the annual jump in milk and dairy at 13.4% in December from 6-7% in the previous year and the 7% increase in milk prices last week could aggravate the situation further, it added.

In a small, hilly district of south Gujarat lies the story of a people moving out of the shadow of war and death, guns and bullets to embrace peace and prosperity. It is the story of bravery in the face of death, of battling armed Maoists who are slicing through India's tribal heartland, challenging the writ of the state.

BHUBANESWAR: The Fisheries and Animal Resources Development Department has made an ambitious perspective plan for the next decade with a plan proposal of Rs 5,455 crore.

Nagpur: Animal husbandry, dairy development and fisheries minister Nitin Raut today informed the legislative council that the State government is planning to develop dairy tourism on the hundreds of acres land of Aarey Milk Dairy in Mumbai.

With a view to boost dairy farming in Punjab, the state government has decided to start 20 mobile veterinary dispensary vans to provide on the spot treatment facilities to animals.

Sri Lankan government is committed to provide support facilities to dairy farmers in the country to improve their trade with the goal of achieving self-sufficiency, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said.

AJAY MODI / New Delhi November 17, 2009, 0:24 IST

Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar (HKB), the rural retail arm of DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd (DSCL), has entered the milk procurement business in Uttar Pradesh and is looking to expand to Rajasthan next month. The milk is being supplied to dairy units and is being mainly used to produce milk powder.