By 2010, the world's population will have gone up to 6 billion. But at the recent New York meeting on population and development, counting heads took precedence over critical issues such as women's nutrition and education

In order to reinforce its pro abortion stand, the new US administration has announced its intention of resuming funding to the UNFPA. The hitch: UNFPA supports China's rigorous population control programme, which has been decried internationally as infrin

BURDENED by repayment of its enormous external debt, the Peruvian government has been forced to cut down its budgeting for health and sanitation facilities, even though a cholera epidemic claimed

After successive reductions, can increased allocations for rural development, agriculture, education and health be effective?

Developing countries immunised 80 per cent of their children by 1990 and saved millions of lives. But 35,000 children, under five years of age, still die every day all over the world, because of malnutrition.

Much useful and reasonably priced reading material for children, focussing on environmental issues, is available now.

CHILDHOOD malnutrition may not have an influence on adult intelligence, states a study by the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) in Hyderabad. On the other hand, "the socioeconomic status of the