A recent study in the US shows that by 2004, over 315 million computers will become obsolete. By 2005, for every single computer an American buys, one will be discarded

Electronic giant NEC of Japan

US drug companies are responding to criticism of the high cost of prescription medicines by putting out a new message for consumers: "We are not out to fleece you. We are, in fact, toiling hard to

After compact discs, it is the turn of videos to adapt to the digital the format of tomorrow.

Electronic companies worldwide, who are trying to develop a new generation of televisions, are finding the going tough

Burdened by rising joblessness, US President Bill Clinton wants world leaders to meet to find a solution to the vexing problem

Computer manufacturers have come up with new designs for keyboards that they claim, will help users avoid painful wrists and hunched shoulders.

International Business Machines Corp is all set to produce a line of personal computers that will be quieter and whose display monitors emit lesser radiation. IBM PC Co, a New York-based unit

Though Indian electronics exporters heaved a sigh of relief following the postponement of die EC trade restrictions low, there are still fears that export orders may dry up.