This brochure is intended for all audiences concerned with decision and policy making in regard to the environment and sustainable development. There are many different types of environmental assessment methods available to support decision making at global, regional, national and local levels.

Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) has been frequently receiving Public Complaints from the nearby residents of the Railway Sidings regarding problems of Air Pollution mainly due to the loading/ unloading activities as well as transportation activities from Railway Sidings.

Aiming to check the sand and gravel demand-supply gap and thus bring down the prices, the Punjab government today started auctioning sand quarries in the state’s riverbeds and also fixed the profit

This paper identifies and characterizes the environmental maturity level of local and multinational high-technology corporations located in Brazil. This characterization is achieved by discussing the adoption of environmental management practices and considering aspects of the productive process stage. An eight-case study was conducted through data triangulation using interviews with employees in diverse organizational areas, direct observations and secondary data.

With global warming leading to climatic changes, the future of our environment now depends upon environmental conservation.

A green panel EAC has rejected Tata Sponge Iron's plea to exempt it from public hearing for setting up of a 12.5 MW thermal power plant in Odisha, and suggested that the Union Environment Ministry

This global cross-sector report assesses the environmental dimension of sustainability reporting and provides recommendations to make environmental reporting important to all stakeholders.

Nagpur: The city that once stood as role model for environment is now seeing its environmental resources deteriorate, be it greenery or lakes.

EC also subject to disposal of SC petition of Goa Foundation against giving post-facto environment clearances

Environ, a group for the environmental management for sustainable development, is working hard to manage solid waste disposal and is campaigning for a plastic-free puja this year.