Burgeoning population and agricultural encroachment in the last half century have erected artificial walls within the Gond tribes. These ethnic groups, dominating the Bastar district, have little social or economic interchange today

From imposing restrictions on harvesting of shark species to having second thoughts about them, the authorities seem utterly confused

The recent ban on shark hunting is only a partial victory for the conservationists. To make it a success, better networking between the coastal authorities and fisherfolk is essential. Biswajit Mohanty , president of Wildl

kuwait's leading fish farm has trashed 51 tonnes of dead fish. Probably a

For several years, governments of coastal states have been trying to persuade the Centre to relax the crz rules. Here is how some major developmental works are set to proceed once that happens

Crusader for the rights of over eight million Indian fisherfolk, Thomas Kochery , 57, made news headlines when he rejected the US $150,000 Fellowship of Pew foundation of Massachusetts, USA. He was recently elected unanimously

IT HAS come a full circle. Humans, who were responsible for the debacle in the first place, are now being asked to act as saviours too. The world's depleting fish stocks could get a boost if a

The Earth's overexploited seas are in danger of turning into the Last Frontier. In giant, demonic trawls, the World's oceans are being systematically emptied of their marine life from dumb tuna to pixie like, intelligent dolphins. The unsustainable fi

A United Nations conference reveals the sense of desperate urgency concerning the oceans' rapidly depleting fish stocks

It should not come as any surprise to Goans that our fishing trawlers are returning almost empty or with very little catch, pushing the prices of fish to the sky. The resources of fish in the sea are not infinite, if the rate of harvesting fish exceeds the natural rate of renewal. Overfishing has its inevitable consequences