India's forests have been a site of conflict for centuries. But it is only over the last decade that their history has become the subject of serious enquiry. The first wave of work focussed on the

the ministry for environment and forests has proposed several amendments to the Indian Forest

The minister thinks it is time to formulate an integrated forest policy

The Japanese have regenerated their forests twice after their large scale destruction. But today, it is doing so at the cost of tropical forests of Southeast Asia

Experts discuss ways to improve forest policies in India

Conservationists in Brazil come up with a model way to reduce the pressure on forests

Forest issues often concern large amounts of money, long time frames, huge areas of land and diverse livelihoods. This report draws the main findings from a series of six country studies from Costa Rica, Ghana, India, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea and Zimbabwe and from a review of international policy initiatives.

Once harmonious, the human-elephant relationship has taken an ugly turn. Faulty forest policies and nationwide destruction of elephant habitats are forcing the animals"otrt of the forests ahd into nearby villages, where pachyderm raids are becoming increa

traditionally, forests have been viewed as public goods, subjected to the tragedy of commons, as incentives to a "free ride' are enormous. However, Hardin's idea that there are only two

inter-american Development Bank recently commissioned 10 papers to investigate the key policy issues affecting Latin American forests. One paper on policies that affect forests in Latin