The anti people attitude that environmental NGOs had vehemently opposed in the '80s has resurfaced in the recent draft Forest Policy Bill. The author examines why the NGOs failed to influence brain dead government policies

Galvanising support for the unconditional withdrawal of the new Forest Bill, NGOs and a fifth column within the bureaucracy are harrowing the government

The People's Natural Resources Management Bill, prepared by Madhav Gadgil and P R Sheshagiri Rao, is regarded as a viable alternative to the governments anti people Act, and could be a holistic solution

Despite promises to the contrary, the draft Bill will strip people of heir traditional rights without protecting forests from commercial depredation

The Forest Bill can be used to preserve our verdant national wealth

Though programmes involving villagers in the regeneration of forest lands have been successful, caution should be exercised while bringing new areas under such programmes

Wood-based firms want to convert forest areas to their own use for raw material. In doing so, they ignore the fate of millions of rural poor, who are dependent on forest lands.

States are complaining that project clearance delays are turning out to be the worst fallout of the Forest Conservation Act, which has otherwise successfully stemmed the erosion of forest cover in the country

Revisions of the Forest Conservation Act and its rules

THE GENERAL reaction to the Forest Conservation Act (FCA) in the UP hill region of Uttarakhand is, "Hum paryavaran shabd se hi tang aa gaye hai." (We are fed up of the word environment.) The cry