The Supreme Court has sug gested that the forested states, which lose revenue because of the ban on felling of trees should be compensated for keeping their forests intact. Protection of the

The Supreme Court has directed the Union government to improve its rules and regulations covered under the Forest Conservation Act, within two months. The s upreme c ourt gave several

Forest brigand Veerapan has made four fresh demands to release Kannada superstar Raj Kumar and three others held hostage by him. He has also declared himself a Tamil extremist. "My earlier struggle

Having done precious little to clean up its polluting act in the past 30 years, a Kerala factory is indirectly blackmailing the state government with a closure notice if it does not get raw material at dirt cheap rates

the ministry of environment and forests is formulating guidelines to regulate mining in ecologically fragile forests. According to the proposed guidelines, forests areas will be mapped to find