The Prime Minister s proposal to introduce an industry friendly forest policy is puzzling

An Act to provide for the conservation of forests and for matters connected therewith or ancillary or incidental thereto. This Act may be called the Jammu and Kashmir Forest Conservation) Act, 1997. It extends to the whole of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. It shall come into force at once.

the director general of the Indian Council for Forestry Research and Education (icfre) in Dehra Dun, B N Gupta, recently stressed the need for disseminating correct information on issues

Judgement of the Supreme Court of India in the matter of T. N. Godavarman Thirumulkpad Vs Union of India & Others dated 12/12/1996 regarding the true scope of the Forest Conservation Act, 1980 and the meaning of the word "forest" used therein.

In a move that could be a blessing in disguise for the country's environment, foreign logging companies have threatened to end their operations in the country. They are protesting against the new

Russia's forests receive a shot in the arm following a recent international decision to protect them from logging

This book offers the first comprehensive examination of revolutionary changes occurring in the management of India's forests. It also explores the historical roots of deforestat-ion, the alienation of tribal peoples, and their reentry into resource management. The institutional, economic, ecological, and political implications of this historic transition in forest control are critically discussed.

The Sri Lanka government has asked farmers, community organisations, NGOs and small and medium scale enterprises to comment on the draft of a revised forest policy before the final policy is framed.

People's rights over forests are legally unassailable

Local communities in Nepal and some Central American nations have become invaluable participants in managing their forests