The government of Pakistan's Punjab province has decided to amend its Forest Act of 1927. This is being done to update the law in accordance with the requirements of the modern forest conservation

A recent conference proves to be a self revelation of sorts for the wildlife bureaucracy. It admits that protected area management in India is not making any headway

Winds of change in the scented wood

ARNAB KUMAR HAZRA Decrease in forest cover not only results in declining timber output for industries but also threatens global reserves of biodiversity, damages the carbon sinks

History has seen the management of Indian forests change from being an instrument of regimented exploitation by the British to its present conservation-centered approach. This transition in forest

Integrating indigenous knowledge in joint forest management projects is an essential prerequisite for the success of such programmes, but years of neglect has diluted the centuries old practices

Nepal s forest bureaucracy prepares for the funeral of the much hailed community forest management programme

Forest bureaucracy arms itself to halt the spread of CFM • In the guise of a finance bill, the Nepalese government has given district forest officers powers to punish forest users' groups

smoggy air damages plants, causes leaf injury, adversely affects plant growth and reduces fruit yield. Air pollutants such as sulphur, fluorides, ozone affect forest ecosystems adversely. This book

Only poachers profit from rules and regulations that alienate local people from natural resources