Thailand policymakers volte face on community forestry bill jolts devolution process

Is US roping in India on the sly to subvert Kyoto Protocol?

This book is a welcome addition to the growing literature on the joint forest management (JFM) programme. The beginnings of this initiative can be dated to the early 1970s, when people had just begun

THE concept of community participation has been globally accepted as an essential tool for the protection of forest resources. In developed countries community participation has been considered

local community members will have the first claim over the forest produce, says the blueprint of Madhya Pradesh's new forest policy. Only after these

wood markets could be created to the advantage of both industry and rural communities


As the Himalayan country s forestry scheme for the poor reaps rich dividends, its government entrusts more degraded areas to the underprivileged. The only hurdle for a complete environmental revival seems to be bureaucratic inertia

• For effective development and utilisation of its natural resources, the Orissa government intends to draft a mineral policy soon. Along with this, the state also wants to formulate a gems

Participants at an international conference on forest management discuss ways to curb logging