Everybody’s a loser. Forest guards die for laws that cannot be defended. Poor people get exploited. Veerappan rules the jungle. Sandalwood trees disappear

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The local communities have done a good job in regenerating degraded forest lands

Will Uttarakhand, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand be anything more than a few new stones?

Another disincentive to sound forest management for Indians

The Cambodian government has alleged that a Malaysian company is illegally logging in the country's hardwood forest. The accusations have been made on the basis of aerial inspections and onsite

The sandalwood forests are gone. Now an ageing Veerappan looks for greener pastures

Whatever the outcome of the hostages crisis in Karnataka, stupid sandalwood protection laws will keep creating smugglers out of India's exploited poor people

Even after 10 years, the joint forest management programme has made little headway