Following two cyanide spills at the Bogoso-Prestea mines in western Ghana in less than two years, residents of the area and several organisations are now calling for a total audit of all operations

golden danger: The fragile eco-system of Lake Bosumtwi, Ghana's largest natural lake, is in danger. Ghana's mineral commission has reportedly permitted a Canadian exploration and development

Money or trees is the choice before the Ghanaian government. The administration is agonising over whether to take the $2 billion offered by mining companies or preserve the forests where they seek to

In a study conducted by the Ghana's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it was found that industries in Ghana are polluting country's rivers and lakes with millions of tonnes of toxic wastewater.

After an uneventful century of gold-mining in western Ghana, the November 1996 demonstration by the chiefs from Tarkwa region

Recent studies say deforestation figures in west Africa have been exaggerated by Northern agencies