New malaria vaccines

Contrary to expectations, fishing countries have established relatively effective management plans for a few international fisheries. The model described in this article explains how such multilateral regulation can evolve in spite of strong political and economic barriers to cooperation.

In the African meningitis belt, epidemics of meningococcal disease occur periodically, although unpredictably, every few years. These epidemics continue to cause havoc but new efforts to control the disease, through the use of conjugate vaccines, are being made.

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Ghana's ministry of local government, rural development and environment has said a day should be set aside each week for hearing environment-related cases. "Environmental offences are not being

Just before the Conference of Parties (COP) began, news had spread that the big seed companies were trying to slip in text in a resolution to dodge the moratorium on terminator seeds. These seeds are genetically altered to make them sterile and thus prevent reuse. Developing countries and civil society groups came ready to fight against any attempt to undermine the current de facto moratorium on such technologies in place since COP5.

Ghana is a major producer of cocoa in the world and relies heavily on the crop for foreign exchange revenue. However, production declined since the mid-1960s, reaching its lowest level in 1983. Although production has increased consistently since the mid-1980s, it still is less than the level attained in the mid-1960s. The decline is partly a result of decreasing areas under cultivation. Another problem in cocoa production in Ghana is low yields per ha, which is attributed to the incidence of pests and diseases, a low producer price, and non-adoption of research recommendations.

An optimistic note, about wiping out polio from the six afflicted countries, was to be sounded at a conference organised by the World Health Organisation in Geneva on January 15. Instead, the sudden re emergence of the disease in two African nations Ben

The Pesticides Action Network reports lacunae in World Bank projects

The residents of Teshie, a fishing town in the suburbs of Ghana's capital city of Accra, have announced their plans to boycott the elections scheduled for December 2004 if they do not get adequate

A British zoologist has been banned from Ghana's Bui National Park, which will soon be flooded as a result of the construction of a hydroelectric dam on the Black Volta river. "I was not allowed to