The most clinically advanced malaria vaccine so far should be ready for use in three to five years after phase three trials began in May, researchers said on Tuesday. The vaccine

Maldives hosted a high-level climate change summit focusing on

Forests are power bases, but often for the wrong people. As attention turns from making an international deal on REDD to making it work on the ground, the hunt will be on for practical ways of shifting power over forests towards those who enable and pursue sustainable forest-linked livelihoods.

In West Africa two rice species (Oryza glaberrima Steud. and Oryza sativa L.) co-exist. Although originally it was thought that interspecific hybridization is impossible without biotechnological methods, progenies of hybridization appear to occur in farmer fields.

International investors have recently shown a fast-growing interest in land in developing countries. The IIED, the FAO and IFAD drew attention to the phenomenon of large-scale real estate purchases. In this article, two of the study's authors bemoan that international media coverage has since emphasised the risks involved-without much regard for opprtunities.

In a novel intercontinental educational initiative, schoolchildren from Ghana and the United Kingdom got to grips with problems facing coastal environments in their countries and produced their own recommendations for sustainable management. A schools link then enabled them to interpret their findings on this and other topics in a world context.

Benin has declared a state of emergency and called for international humanitarian aid after floods hit the south of the West African country.

The government estimates that some 2,000 families have already been displaced by flooding caused by heavy rains and it appealed late Monday for immediate help to prevent the imminent spread of epidemics.

Many current global policies propose that farmers can get out of poverty by being (better) linked to markets. Government and NGO programmes thus often promote cheap agricultural input supplies, and support farmers to sell their products through

As multiple countries share a river, the likelihood of a water resource conflict from climate change could be higher between countries. This paper demonstrates how countries can cooperate in transboundary water sharing in a sustainable way, given the

This book of case studies represents a collaborative effort to explore the potential of biofuels to provide sustainable livelihoods and local sources of energy for people in rural areas of developing countries, with a special emphasis on women.