Environmental activists in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, are protesting against Hindustan Lever Limited's (HLL) dumping of toxic mercury waste in the town and in the reserve of Pambar Shola. The waste,

The concept paper describes the problems of the city of Agra and the anxeityy of the Hon'ble Supreme Court articulated in the various orders passed in connection with the Writ Petition (Civil) No. 13381/84-M.C. Mehta Vs. Union of India & Others. The paper also goes on to describe the various projects of the Taj Protection Mission.

They are opaque, they are transparent...they are windows of the future

Super smart self cleaning windows are on the horizon

Industrialists in Agra and Firozabad are in a tizzy about the Supreme Court's order to close down more than 200 polluting industrial units near the Taj Mahal.

The primary task of the Expert Group is to assist the High Power Committee who is to oversee the implementation of pollution control measures at Agra-Mathura Region, based on scientific and technical findings.

This report compiles a range of benchmark curves and indicators for energy intensive industries and products. The data presented
cover approximately 55% of final manufacturing industry energy use including energy use in refineries. The analysis differentiates between ICs and DCs.

Around fifty percent of glass industry has suspended its activities while the remaining units on the verge of closure due to gas and power loadshedding, the industry